Chapter 2

The next day James awoke at noon and decided not to go to the internet cafe and went for a drive in his mustang headed for Johnson Canyon. Moments later he entered the 1A highway and drove on it for at least 45 minutes untill he saw a sign telling drivers that Johnston canyon was a few miles up ahead and he pulled in to the parking lot and got out of the car. He had packed a backpack full of sweets, not fruit and vegetables.

James had been to this place before but not in the summer. He started walking up the trail and began to take out his sweets, being a small package of skittles. He kept walking and passed a few onlookers pointing to interesting things in the distance. Seems there were a few bears that had come to this area not long before James had gotten to the west. James walked over to the railing and took out his digital camera and before he took a photo a thought crossed his head. These bears get pictures taken all the time of them and so James thought it would be best if he didnt take pictures of the bears and just watched them walk away because of all of the commotion of the people talking and watching.

He climbed up the canyon to continue his trek upwards. A half hour later he reached the top of the canyon and noticed the wall of rock ahead of him was full of rock climbers. James watched this closely to see if anyone was going to fall so if it happened he could call the local authorities for help and then decided it would be better if he walked down to the bottom of the canyon.

At least 45 minutes later he emerged from canyon to notice that there was an ambulance parked in the parking lot. I guess someone wasn’t hooked into their equipment quite good enough and fell and landed on hard rock. James didnt seem to see the paramedics on his way down but then again he made so many stops to eat all his sweets they must have ran up when he wasn’t looking

James got back into his car and drove off towards Banff. About 30-45 minutes later he emerged onto the Trans Canada highway and a few minutes later he was back into Banff. It was about four fifty five in the afternoon. He decided to go to the internet cafe and check his email account and face book.

He went straight from the hike to the internet cafe and logged in but forgot the last time to put any money on his account. He went over and talked to the staff member and within minutes he was online. Nothing in his email but junk but got an email from his work telling him to call them when he was ready to work again. On his face book no one had emailed him all week.

After a few hours playing games he wandered back to the hotel room. He was about ready to go to sleep. He wasn’t a pajama person a preferred to sleep in what he was wearing minus the pants and sweater he was wearing today. He was in the middle of reading the 4th Harry potter book. He read till the end of the chapter and then fell asleep.

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