the discrepancy for a previous u2 album

Ever since people started shouting at Apple and U2 in 2014 for what a flop it was on the side of the release not of the songs. But every once and a while another article gets posted on how bad and how much of an outcry it was. Everyone was parading in unhappiness that u2 released it wrong!!

I fear you not though, as I can help you understand what really happened and put this all to bed super quick!! In 2014 u2 was about to release the album "Songs of Innocence" and decided to partner with Apple. This transition allowed them to release the album at a certain time and for free for all apply music or Itunes pay users. Instead of saying "you can download this now, it's free" they decided to say it was "in everyone's phones" and which caused outrage as people thought the album was added to their apple music (btw It was Itunes until Apple Music came into play only about a year prior to this album being released.

The announcer for apple (after Mr. Jobs passed) announced they were going to release one of U2's upcoming albums and that's where the chaos began when really they had never been sent to everyone's phone it was just to be uploaded to the Apple Music Store for Free!!!

I thought that was amazing and songs that came out were very amazing, nothing like u2 had ever put out at all!!

I hope this helps you to understand the mishap!!


An interesting trip and other wired things...

things are the same as usual, and summer is amazeballs!!

took a trip to parry sound area back in June and loved it... I fell into the lake...

here's the story:

middle of June me and my sister (seen in background pic)travel up to a cottage, near lost channel Ontario. we're just here to drop off some kayaks, enjoy some summer sun. We drive 4.5 hours starting at 8:30am (while staying off major highways (401/400). We stopped at many places and had many washroom breaks and gas breaks too!!  

We stopped at the CFB Borden Base, unlike most forces bases that are blocked by a gate and they won't let the general public in but this one is a dormant and only a ground-based force as the airport has closed for many years... We thought we'd go into the museum at the forces base, but it was closed on a Monday!! took some pics of the planes and helicopter outside the museum. 

Hours passed and then we arrived and had seen that (and remembered as well)that parry sound had two airports, 1) parry sound municipal  2) the water one further into the town. We decided since it was open and not far to it so we went and viewed the location and then went in to get a coffee or something... Iand t had a burger and my sister had a coffee, (which unbeknownst to me I didn't know she was just coming in for a coffee and if I had known that I would have ordered just a drink!!).

Not much action at the airport, just a few planes and few people passing by!

After an hour or so we get back in the car and are only an hour or so away from this cottage, and we stop into parry sound for some supper supplies I go into Sobeys and Traci goes into the Canadian Tire, both of us getting stuff for supper and other supplies, I come out of Sobeys and am hoping my sister (Traci) will be ready to get back in the car but shes not in the car waiting (she has the keys!!)  and while I'm waiting in near 25+ *C weather I see my sister coming out and then talks to someone who has an SUV parked in a weird way and I go over to ask her whats this about and it was someone who drove over a piece of wood or something... we were able to get her some CAA tuck to help her get back to home...

When we saw that she was ok, we headed towards the cabin. An hour on the highways was nice, a good change of scenery. After we arrived at the cabin, we proceeded to unpack all the stuff we had and moved into the cabin. It was 5-6pm and we decided to sit on the (wobbly) deck and enjoy a beer. We tried to work out how to drink beer as we had these mosquito nets on our heads. I found if you lift it a few times you can fit your beer and not have to worry about the mosquitos!!

After hanging out and drinking a beer we thought it would be better to jump into the kayaks that were on the roof the last few hours. it was hard getting into them ourselves, but we got in them still having or mosquitos nets on. We paddle nearly 1/3 of the whole river/lake and then decide it's getting late and there might be a storm and we head back, on getting near the dock and getting out I went to wave at the boater who had cut his engines to do some trolling and I wanted to wave to him and turned to mush and that's where I fell in, with my jeans sweater and all the fixings. That's what I had on me, but I'm glad that I didn't have the cell phone or wallet as I may have lost those in the splash into the water. So we swam/kayaked to a nearby dock I got out and omg I was soaked to the bone!! What was I doing with jeans and a sweater on you ask? it was getting somewhat late in the afternoon just turning into the evening and I wanted to wear something warm and when we made the decision to go kayaking I never changed into anything else.

That night we had some pizza made from some dought we (earlier in the trip) were used to cool and chill some foodstuffs, it wasn't until later in the trip we realized it was pizza dough. Fast forward to the evening and we made some small pizzas out of what we had and spent time reading and chatting and listening to the radio. My clothes spent the night in the closet.

We wake up the next morning to head back to my home and eventually my sis would go back to her place. My clothes even in the night didn't get much drier so when I woke up I put them in the hot sun, it only took a few half hours to dry. When they dried we were on our way back home. We drove to parry sound which we found a place to park near the smelting wharf and found a trail which, in the years I've been in parry sound (10 years ago, and much much long ago) had never occurred to me a nice walking trail existed (its called fitness trail, runs from salt dock road, past the Waubuno park/beach, and past some cottages before heading to the more downtown part of Pary Sound. From there we walked to find a patio to watch planes and enjoy some food, we settled on a new establishment called the "Flight Deck Grill" and so we went to it and had some amazing food!! You are like 10 feet from the planes and able to relax and eat food!

After eating till the cows come home we headed out and on the highway, we only stop once and a while for gas and restrooms, etc. Within a few half hours, we are in sight of Barrie, where we normally turn off the highway south of Barrie and we have a back way to get home but there was a crash and the road we wanted off from 400 was closed, so we drove to 401, and then because she had to work the next day and couldn't get me back to my place o stayed at her place for the night, wherein the middle of the next day my dad picked me up and we went home...and I've been home ever since!!

End of story!

you can find some pics on my facebook


Some updates...

Did you notice im not posting much?? I havent been around to say hello much or to post here..well thats gonna change.  Ive been not that busy just have almost forgotten to check back here again...   Life is goung well and just continuing to do my daily stuff...im sorry i havent posted in a while...    


2018: Year in Review

ok so 2018 is very close to grinding to a halt, here are some small tidbits of what I did during the year that was 2018.

January: New Years Eve/Day

February:Winter and Nothing Big

March: In Hospital with Flu like symptoms

April: Ski trip to canmore and a visit with the bro./Snow Melts

May: Rolling grass and starting to cut, and hopped on reddit bandwaggon

June:biking alot

July: Canada Day/Biking rest of month

my friend visited me and a we stayed at my sisters house for 2-3 days.

volunteered at the folk festival in ingersoll for the 19th one they have ever had.

we lost survivor, we couldnt find him and our neighbor just so happened to have seen him running around their yard and late at night we found him again. He was limping and hurting but he seemed to heal pretty quick, most of the months ahead leading to a point where he regained composure to walk again and put pressure on his hind leg and go back to normal.

I happened to ask my neighbor on twitter and she said she had found him and i was so happy..to see him alive again was such a relef...heres my chat on twitter

    "Darren: Hey Karen do you have an all brown cat over there.. we are missing survivor.....

    Neighbor:Darren did u get my note? Doug saw survivor yesterday at our place late pm. He was limping.
    Darren:We found him thanks for that
    Neighbor:I am so glad! Is he ok?
    Darren:Yes..still limping but will be ok I was so thinking we lost him for good

    Neighbor: Oh good glad he is ok!!!!"

August: biking alot

September:still hot and able to bike

October:thanksgiving with traci;s friend's daughters and friend after they went camping up north. It was really warm and we were able to toss a frisbee despite it being so warm.

November:a sad month, we did the normal rememberence day ceremony and had lunch. A few weeks later survivor passed. It was a blow to the system that really hurt alot of us. I have a special mentions at the end of this.

trying biking in winter for first time, post a video on youtube about

December: so far in the 7 days weve had this month, nothing big has happened except for the passing of U.K (and i dont me the kingdom). U.K one morning had blood coming out of his mouth and we took him in and he seemed to be feeling better but as we left him in the vet he succumed to cancer the vet said and they had to put him/her down.been a tough year so far..

Special Mention

This year had been one of the toughest from the heart kind of year,where things just happen out of nowhere, like the passage of survivor. Survivor had a tough upbringing as instead of he was moved from his family and never seen them again and they still live, no. Survivor was born when all of his family perished and were hanging from the rafters. He lived a life and survived a heck of alot of run ins among other things. I was not looking forward to him passing at all though i knew he had to be close to 10 years or more.

Then in U.K's case he had been around for many years and had been more of a tomcat than anything. He lived a happy life and kinda misses cruiser since he/she left/vanished a few years ago. He still had his claws front and rear and had only had a few clippings in his life. He was named u.k because my brother was living there at one point and also because its kind of an ugly cat. I dont see that resemblance and wasnt the one to start calling or naming that..

Yoda still lives and is the last of the mohicans to say the least. There once was four original cats that came to this place near 2007-2008 and that was yoda,survivor,uk and cruiser, and now she lives alone in this house truly missing  her freind survivor.

 Rest in Peace 

Survivor 2007ish-2018
UK- Same-2018


An update on life in Ontario

How has life been the last few months, it's been ok. 

Been reminiscing of Banff and that girl again. I know it sounds stupid when I cry over her but it isn't that I love or need here in any loving way..I'm just a little sad/mad that we aren't friends anymore and we can't talk to each other anymore. It's tough, but I'm getting through it one  step at a time.  I am not crying as hard as I once was but I'm still sad we aren't friends going through good and bad times.

Anyways you're welcome for the update..


2017: Year of Review

January: New Years was good
February: another valentines alone (but hanging with family)
March: spring came and went. 
April: birthday, good birthday
May: within the first or two weeks of May my dad had gone out to Banff to ski fir a few days. Me and traci tried to meet up with dad but got swamped with water in the house, it was really pouring down. Had to vacuum it all out and stuff..

June: lots of things that happened in June and one incident I dont want to talk about. But on the good side we snagged one of the last few Canada 150 flags off the shells before July 1st 

Bluejays game day before Canada day, was home by 3am  an slept in till like 11:30

Bought a bike, somewhere in June or July spent each day biking. 

July: Canada day, was a sleep day as we had come from the bjays game the night before ^^.

August:somewhere in between August and November I spent everyday on the bike, unlike when it rained. When I couldn't get out and bike

September: more biking and chores. 
We cleared the basement when Ryan and Jess visited,

October:more biking and chores
November:putting away bikes, and getting ready for winter.
December. Xmas came and went..

Have a great holiday time and hope your 2018 turns out well