Where my life began

Just the other day i was cleaning my old neighbors house of leaves and was only able to stare at it for a few moments and only get a photo of it after our crusades of cleanup had finished... this is where my life began, and all of my stories (ones ive told most of my family or freinds in the real world) ... but this is my old house in london ontario near st thomas aquinas catholic high scool and in the montclair avenue is.

i have alot more stories to tell but this may not be the place to do so..


i think it is time to notice this...and thanks for that lorreena mckennit!!

on this day in 2018 i was witness to a really amazing remembrance day speech commemorating the 100 years of armistice of WW1

i don't have the effort or need to worry about copying and pasting right now but here's a copy from the person 

click on her speech  

i am amazed at her audacity to mention some of these things but share this with as many people as you can..



2020 year in review

so here s the 2020 rundwn on the year... from an octobers POV


January- Covid 19 hits the world

Feb Lockdown starts

March- spring starts and lockdown in 6 week

April-First Quaritine/Lockdown Bday

May- Sitting on the deck

June- Swimming in pool

July Anothewr hot summer

August-  13th trip to elora..

September-more sunny days

Ocotber so far has been intersrting

 November- pretty quiet with above average temperature

cleaned my old neighbors lawn


Fw: 🎉 Happy 2 years with MapMyRide

Congrats to me!!

Thanks for being a part of the MapMyRide community for the past 2 years. Let's see what you accomplished.

Happy 2 years with MapMyRide

2 years ago today, you joined the MapMyRide community. Thanks for making us a part of your fitness journey.

Give yourself a pat on the back and look at all you've accomplished:

58 workouts
238 miles (383 km)
13118 calories

Congrats on making it this far! We can't wait to see what you accomplish in the next year.


speaking of google chrome, here are the extensions that i use each day

I bet you do wonder if I am using chrome extensions, I am! in fact, there are many that I use that can be beneficial to my daily online life...

here is a list of all the ones I use and after the list will tell you the pros and cons (but are not listed in order of use, value or anything just a list.. and are ones I can see while I'm on this browser)

  1. Volume Master
  2. Pinterest
  3. Readaloud
  4. AutoRefresh
  5. Control time on the interent
  6. Grammarly
  7. Aitorefresh for twitter
  8. Screenshot for Youtibe
  9. post to tumblr
  10. direct messenger for instagram
here's what each and every one of them do!

1. Volume Master allows you to lower or raise volume each browser tab...so that if a video is too quiet it will be able to raise the volume

2.Pinterest allows you to take pics you are looking at all over the web and save them to pinterest

3. readaloud is an extension that I can use to read me back a whole webpage, or website...however a con is that It defragments the page of twitter and never just reads what people says...

4.Autorefresh allows you to refresh any page you want...there is only a few speeds that many out there would want to use..

5."control time on the internet" is a timer to show how many minutes or hours you have been looking at certain pages or websites...

6. Gramarly is quite simple it just makes spelling errors go away

7. autorefresh for twitter  is an amazing extenion it allows you to instantly refresh any twitter pages without any trouble... but keep in mind you might accidently still be using "autorefrsh" like I mentioned above
8.screenshot for youtube is an extension for youtube that allows you to get a screenshot from a video without the srcolling bar or progress bar getting in the way... 

9. post to tumblr alows me to post anyrhing on my Tumblr

10. direct messages for instagram allows me to see my messages and other stuff while on browser

hope these help 


making chrome extensions easier to add to chrome...

but not without a few sightly snags to get there...

Go to themebeta.com and create a custom theme for chrome, (even works for WinVista chrome version) and once you are done, pack the file and download it to your computer somewhere...

one that's done, create a folder (of any name)  and a folder inside of it with special consideration to make the name with a special formula,  like this [2.1.0_1]  so use any number you like but it has to be the same each time and each folder you make of extensions doesn't necessarily have to always be a certain character set, like you may see in every other extensions folder it could be whatever you think of...

Think of the fact that each folder in C:->users->?->appdata->local........->chrome->default->Extensions that are default/fresh are all like miscued and look like someone just typed in a bunch of random letters... I kid you not that you "don't" have to keep the name of the folder format the same way!

 you could name the folder "moms petunia garden" and the subfolder contents inside would contain the theme files (usually a folder with images and a *.json file inside "moms petunia garden" as listed before), is a folder you must create that has some numbers instead of letters... I don't know (at this time if you don't use their regimented numbers system it may go to not work in chrome) {ill let you know}

to clarify it for you:

In the Extensions Folder part of the app data area of  the c drive, you would have the "moms petunia garden" folder, which if you wanted to could contain more than one theme that you create, so if there was no problem using just words for these folders then you could call each theme "summer and "winter" and whatever you call the theme  that you made at the website above...but if the lettering doesn't work... then try naming it "0.0.0_0" and each and every theme you make  in  the "moms petunia garden" folder would be named that way and then you can get on to the interesting part

*I'm using "moms petunia garden" as disambiguation to allow those to insert the name if whatever idea the themes they are making are about i.e "summer" "spring" "food"  "trucks" travel" etc...go have fun with creating these folders and ill let you know.

when you have several folders made or if you have made one and haven't been able to know what to do with zip/chrome file please listen up!!

If you got the file in downloads open it up and notice its just an image folder and a*.json file....move both the image file and the image folder as one inside the themes folders you created earlier for the ",oms pteumnia garden"  theme you are using...keep in mind you want to check images to see if you have copied it to the wrong one!!

from there go into chrome browser and open the extensions page "chrome://extensions/" and click on the developer mode and "load unpacked extension" and search for the folder and it should add the chrome theme!!


heres one i made from todays mikey mybryan video mar12/2020



So if you have this issue (Android Only) on fitbit recently

So if anyone notices that recently Fitbit has given out a new app update but has nowhere near the idea on how to find out this centrifugal idea of either having no notifications or all of them but you get this annoying notification won't let you remove or swipe it away (like when taking screenshots of the lock screen!!) and it's bothering you here are some ideas to help you through it. Sorry for the length!


It seems that Fitbit wants to mentally mess with us, you can either turn off the weird notification /sync page notification that stays on each day while on the lock screen or you can keep the notifications and get rid of the "keep alive widget" as mentioned above but it looks like you can't do both, which, in turn, bothers me because it would be good to have that as a separate setting in the section...

Android Only

For those who want to have notifications on and but turn off "keep-alive" (which allows communications and does the background syncing, albeit without syncing any new info or syncing very often). please follow the next few answers...

1.load up your today screen inside Fitbit app

2.scroll down on the area where it says "today" like you were refreshing/syncing

3.tap onto the name of your Fitbit device (ie ionic, charge, etc)

4.and scroll down to the bottom and turn on "keep alive widget"

5.ta -da! you've done it

but if you want to keep the "keep-alive" app off but get notifications and set allow notifications

1. turn off the "keep-alive" switch/button/slider

2. exit the Fitbit app

3.and load the settings app inside the phone (android)

3a.if you can't find the settings app, just look for a folder named apps on one of your pages

3b.tap the apps folder

3c.find the settings icon and tap on it

4.open apps and scroll down to find Fitbit

5.tap on "Fitbit"

6.scroll down to "app settings"

7.look for "notifications"

8.tap "notifications"

9.slide "on" the "allow notifications"

10. Voila!!

Keep in mind you cant have both set up at the same time...

I hope this helps and Keep Fit!