2 weird things and end of season

so today i dont have many lessons and i guess by this time every year its normally only privates, and semi privates and isnce im a ski instructor helper not an instructor. So im only needed when there is more than 4 people and they need help...most of this season i have been doing the 5 week camps. They ended about the 1st week in february. Since then its been only the school groups.

So today one behind the other two very odd and very rare things happened i think i was possesed by bad luck. 1st of all my glove gets stuck on the j bar and makes it around the wheel at the top then drops in a grassy area. So i skied to the bottom and told the liftee who was sitting in a tube watching the sun go down, and told him that my glove made it around the wheel at the top and fell into an area no one should ever visit if its moving. He stopped the jbar and i cmimbed of a catch cable that if someone goes through it will stop....went over and grabbed my glove no rips or tears (though there was alreay alot of cuts from grapping the wire without the bar and jletting in run through the glove....i should have found a glove protector we used to have for riope tows. Anyways 20 mins later im taking down the characters (piglet, tigger etc) woooden characters to ski around and theres a stubborn stubby that i cant get out so i go in and grab a metal key thats helps get it out...neither one works so i tried digging with the handle on the key and it still wouldnt come out, so i went to the liftee and found a shovel and as soon as i got 1/2 way to the stubby tyler the local snowboard instructor goes by (while i was digging he noticed what i was trying to do...turned it like counter clockwise and lifted and came out....took me 20 minutes for him to take it out in like 30 seconds...unreal eh!!!

so im over there tomnorrow monday and maybe tuesday and who knows what our school group schedule will be like i know theres only like 4 or 5 school groups left..most of them are ones that cancelled when the weather was like -20 or like just after it rained...so theres not much left.

heres a rundown of what i wear

-Smith helemt i bought before xmas
-smith goggles

-avalanche (cobble hills) jacket/work
or Firelfy red and grey jacket/pleasure
mobius pants fom years ago
reusch downy gloves

-salomon evolution 7.0 boots


Rossignol zenith z9ti (red)
head snow skater (no info online for it)


head intellegence poles i bout at the abominable ski store in banff


ive been skiing on my head snow skater short parabolic skis im trying to see what year they came out to see what year we might have gotten those snow skates. I spent all of today on these things with poles....

later and happy new month


beat this....

i was playing snowboard snow jam and got a wiked 900 rodeo propeller beat that!!



so who won katy perry's contest?

a few months ago i watched a video on either youtube or another youtube like website that she wanted people to make a video of them singing to i kissed a girl. it was for the grammys which air tomorrow night. Im just curious to see who won..i dont think any of my friends entered so its all from the US or from the UK somewhere.

i like katy perrys music...stands out more than any other musician that ever existed.

thats it...later


i regret it the most...

i was driving myself to cobble hills and the thought hit me like a wall...when i took a year or two off after school and got my drivers liscence i should have taken a week and gone somewhere fun by myself or with friends....would have been cool experience,...

shoulda coulda woulda...bhmmm...but i was totally in a depression at the time and that thought never crossed thru my head...

just something to think about for today and this week

how do you like the banner at the top...made it myself...

im now working on an image for my tunecore page and how rto upload songs that have a very low bitrate...most of my songs are 128 or so,...they want like 40-50 ish...



on the one hand im dreaming about....

hi guys whoever is readin this blog right now...I want to post this feeling or thought to anyone out there to see what everyone thinks. I've been having 2 typical dreams sometimes like one after the other. Sometimes when im sleeping ill dream of pleasurable and happy thoughts of someone I know that I've been talking about on here then its followed by ones of people trying to kill me..
I like the ones of the star bucks girl I don't like the death dreams. If it was 2003 and I was dreaming about death it would be second nature to think of death, now I've got something to live for. Like last night I had a dream of me being shot at but the bullets wouldn't hit me they were like bouncing off me.
just something to think about for your Sunday Feb. 1st 2009 and you've just been elliott'd in...dam I want it like sxephils ending...dam!!