on the one hand im dreaming about....

hi guys whoever is readin this blog right now...I want to post this feeling or thought to anyone out there to see what everyone thinks. I've been having 2 typical dreams sometimes like one after the other. Sometimes when im sleeping ill dream of pleasurable and happy thoughts of someone I know that I've been talking about on here then its followed by ones of people trying to kill me..
I like the ones of the star bucks girl I don't like the death dreams. If it was 2003 and I was dreaming about death it would be second nature to think of death, now I've got something to live for. Like last night I had a dream of me being shot at but the bullets wouldn't hit me they were like bouncing off me.
just something to think about for your Sunday Feb. 1st 2009 and you've just been elliott'd in...dam I want it like sxephils ending...dam!!

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