sweet deal

me, and my bro and sister sat down and had a xmas gift xchange tonite, a few nights after xmas, and it looks like u2 was the common theme, i gave my bro the vertigo single with all the remixes and her girlfreind who really enjoyed seeing "child" earlier this month the one with vertigo (studio) and are you gonna wait forever?"

and i got........drummroll.........Vertigo tour live from chicago DVD, sweet!!!

thats all..

to all that really care about my songs you might be happy to know that iuve revamped my "alone" song, it sounds much better, the begiining sounds like pink floyd's wish you were here sorta...

anyways if i could find a place to record id do it and show ya...till then just think of how it must start

have youreselves a happy new year and im trying to send my mom and dad to another elevation concert...gave them the message about when you guys are in town....

btw, i love the alt version of SYCMOYO is he just singing along with himself??


Congrats Rumsy

got this message last night in the email and im eccstaic i never thought theyd get engaged, that goes for 2-3 people from the same high school grade getting married...theres still quite alot but its always us elliots that never get engaged or married....dang...


just wanted everyone to know....i asked emelie to marry me on saturday...she said yes...so we are engaged!!!

we havent decided any further plans but we will let you know!!!!


brian rumble

Happy Holidays from Banff!!

Its that time of year when we all have family gatherings, and feasts of turkey. Some of us reflect on the year that has past and talk about whats ahead in the future.

This year its kind of different for me, as you can see im 3,000 miles away from home, i have none of my parents to wake up on xmas day so i guess i open presents by myself then?? anyways i guess a banff xmas cant be that bad can it...with hopefully mild temperatures (i say hopefully cause i cant stand another -45 degree day anymore, ive had enough of walking to work and getting mild frostbite because its dam cold out....a -5 to -10 would be appropriate...

Work at safeway is going good, im actually breaking all my current job records, ive been with safeway longer than ive been with any other job...wooo hooo!!!

ive been skiing 3-4 times in the past 2 weeks, 1 beautiful day at sunshine followed by another at lake louise.

quick fact: you may hear me say on my blog "the quay" "the shine" and "the lake" what i mean by that is "the quay" means Norquay, the shine means sunshine, and the lake, well you can figure it out.

my songwriting thing has gone down the tubes...i need a break from it to enjoy what ive got here..


Merry Holidays...



mellisa's was packed last night

so im hanging around with brynn and his budies watvching the EDM vs VAN hockey game. And we decided after the game that wed go to mellisa's and hang around, have a few drinks and leave because mpost guys are working today. So we get there and its packed....ive never seen mellisa's bar that packed, it should be more like an empty creamery...

but as we got there, somebody played like 6 u2 songs for some reason so i was obviously into it cause you know i love U2!

Saw my bro there last night and introduced my brother to some of my roomates and even jess was there. jess is my bros g-friend. Shes from like 20 mins out of where Marc from here live in thr UK!! how cool is that!!

Mery Xmas everyone, and id like to thank dawn, elevation, child, and last but all not least my parents for helping me get my ass out here, thanks for all of such a good year!!!

feeling out of place...

i thought i knew everything, i thought i had it made and had what i wanted but thats just the way i felt through high school, but now im living on my own 2,000 miles from home, and i feel as out of place as i did before i went into high school. Im getting feelings and thoughts i thought i had removed or put in the back of my head come back recently, images in my mind of being so selfless, i just really want to be forgotten and too i want to be out of the spotlight.


at the BSH?

looks like my mom will be getting a few more days out here because her flight is cancelled because of the storm raging in ontario!!

hope she gets back soon, but for now shes staying at the Banff springs hotel...

im going to be heading up there soon!!


where have i been?

parents dropped in and i havent been able to check my email addy and post updates, skied sunshine and skied louise sunday monday!!

back at it today...



trying to find their site...

Last thursday i went to see the premier of WM's Higher Ground. I remember that there was a small little band that played before the start of it called "The Touques" and they were from vancouver. I am trying to track down thir site. It has it on thier banner unfortunately i cant rember it...all i can find on google is one from the UK.

I still havent heard the song levitate yet. Thought i had it but infortunately its just some ad i downloaded. Fuckin hell..

"its cold out there, it gets so hot in here"-u2




having a hard time finding your fav song on Limewire?

You asked, i can help.

Tonite i was looking to make a good cd with lost of acoustic and u2 shit...and one of the songs i love the most is "deep in the heart". I looked all around for it on there. Untill i just searched it by title and left the name out whe i got was alot of BS because it was all "deep in the heart of texas" and such but then in the artist area and theres all like patsy cline and stuff and i scroll down the list and theres U2 and im like sweeeeeeet!!!

its a mix of maren ord and u2....its good


some tips on shovelling wooden walkways,

i wish i had photos of what im describing but if you have a wooden walkway that needs shovelling is to 1st shove all the top layer of snow away and then to get closer to the surface shovel everything to either side by anging your strokes with the shovel...you should by now have a walkable trail through the snow...

play with other variables in that same way and youll have everyone envying you and asking you to do thir laneway, stairs...




at the shine today...

Quite cold, holy shit was it cold!!

Got there round 1:30 so we didnt get there at a good time but still for 1st time on skiis in nearly a year and a half. On 1st turn i noticed i cant ski anymore but after a few turns hey i was on my way and doing some gs runs shortly after which explains that once you learn how to ski you never forget how to.

Thanks to dawn from retarded rugrat for being the only one who activly visits my blog ANNNND...post comments....thanks a bunch dawn....keep warm...

whats the overall thought of my blog, does it look good? should it change..what way....?

 Ok back to mormal blog stuff. "Child" Rocked my night last night...even though i tried to stay away from emulating a band thats simulating omne of the best bands out there but hey sometimes i feel that urge during with or without you.

Didnt play alot of good ones but looking at their repitoir they dont play a lot of good songs...they did play discotheque. Which i like, but havent heard since the middle of high school.Still its a good song.

still trying to find a way to play "ground beneath her feet..." with the Fm7 chord...is there any other variation??