sweet deal

me, and my bro and sister sat down and had a xmas gift xchange tonite, a few nights after xmas, and it looks like u2 was the common theme, i gave my bro the vertigo single with all the remixes and her girlfreind who really enjoyed seeing "child" earlier this month the one with vertigo (studio) and are you gonna wait forever?"

and i got........drummroll.........Vertigo tour live from chicago DVD, sweet!!!

thats all..

to all that really care about my songs you might be happy to know that iuve revamped my "alone" song, it sounds much better, the begiining sounds like pink floyd's wish you were here sorta...

anyways if i could find a place to record id do it and show ya...till then just think of how it must start

have youreselves a happy new year and im trying to send my mom and dad to another elevation concert...gave them the message about when you guys are in town....

btw, i love the alt version of SYCMOYO is he just singing along with himself??

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