mellisa's was packed last night

so im hanging around with brynn and his budies watvching the EDM vs VAN hockey game. And we decided after the game that wed go to mellisa's and hang around, have a few drinks and leave because mpost guys are working today. So we get there and its packed....ive never seen mellisa's bar that packed, it should be more like an empty creamery...

but as we got there, somebody played like 6 u2 songs for some reason so i was obviously into it cause you know i love U2!

Saw my bro there last night and introduced my brother to some of my roomates and even jess was there. jess is my bros g-friend. Shes from like 20 mins out of where Marc from here live in thr UK!! how cool is that!!

Mery Xmas everyone, and id like to thank dawn, elevation, child, and last but all not least my parents for helping me get my ass out here, thanks for all of such a good year!!!

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