Happy Holidays from Banff!!

Its that time of year when we all have family gatherings, and feasts of turkey. Some of us reflect on the year that has past and talk about whats ahead in the future.

This year its kind of different for me, as you can see im 3,000 miles away from home, i have none of my parents to wake up on xmas day so i guess i open presents by myself then?? anyways i guess a banff xmas cant be that bad can it...with hopefully mild temperatures (i say hopefully cause i cant stand another -45 degree day anymore, ive had enough of walking to work and getting mild frostbite because its dam cold out....a -5 to -10 would be appropriate...

Work at safeway is going good, im actually breaking all my current job records, ive been with safeway longer than ive been with any other job...wooo hooo!!!

ive been skiing 3-4 times in the past 2 weeks, 1 beautiful day at sunshine followed by another at lake louise.

quick fact: you may hear me say on my blog "the quay" "the shine" and "the lake" what i mean by that is "the quay" means Norquay, the shine means sunshine, and the lake, well you can figure it out.

my songwriting thing has gone down the tubes...i need a break from it to enjoy what ive got here..


Merry Holidays...


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