at the shine today...

Quite cold, holy shit was it cold!!

Got there round 1:30 so we didnt get there at a good time but still for 1st time on skiis in nearly a year and a half. On 1st turn i noticed i cant ski anymore but after a few turns hey i was on my way and doing some gs runs shortly after which explains that once you learn how to ski you never forget how to.

Thanks to dawn from retarded rugrat for being the only one who activly visits my blog ANNNND...post comments....thanks a bunch dawn....keep warm...

whats the overall thought of my blog, does it look good? should it change..what way....?

 Ok back to mormal blog stuff. "Child" Rocked my night last night...even though i tried to stay away from emulating a band thats simulating omne of the best bands out there but hey sometimes i feel that urge during with or without you.

Didnt play alot of good ones but looking at their repitoir they dont play a lot of good songs...they did play discotheque. Which i like, but havent heard since the middle of high school.Still its a good song.

still trying to find a way to play "ground beneath her feet..." with the Fm7 chord...is there any other variation??



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Tara said...

Thanks for the lovely comment Darren. You made me blush :o)

I seem to remember that you had a different template when I first viewed this blog, but I have to say I really like this one you have now. It's not too over the top and it looks classy. Very clean cut and the colours don't make me wanna dive for my sunglasses. In my personal opinion nothing needs changing :o)

Hang in there, and thanks again :o)