the discrepancy for a previous u2 album

Ever since people started shouting at Apple and U2 in 2014 for what a flop it was on the side of the release not of the songs. But every once and a while another article gets posted on how bad and how much of an outcry it was. Everyone was parading in unhappiness that u2 released it wrong!!

I fear you not though, as I can help you understand what really happened and put this all to bed super quick!! In 2014 u2 was about to release the album "Songs of Innocence" and decided to partner with Apple. This transition allowed them to release the album at a certain time and for free for all apply music or Itunes pay users. Instead of saying "you can download this now, it's free" they decided to say it was "in everyone's phones" and which caused outrage as people thought the album was added to their apple music (btw It was Itunes until Apple Music came into play only about a year prior to this album being released.

The announcer for apple (after Mr. Jobs passed) announced they were going to release one of U2's upcoming albums and that's where the chaos began when really they had never been sent to everyone's phone it was just to be uploaded to the Apple Music Store for Free!!!

I thought that was amazing and songs that came out were very amazing, nothing like u2 had ever put out at all!!

I hope this helps you to understand the mishap!!

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