end of september blog

So it is the end of september, thus the end of the summer. Working hard but only half the hours, i work three days then have 4 days off. its not good for the paycheck but its gives me time to relax.

Im not reading anymore at least that good book called "what good people know" by dan baker it was very fun reading and learning how other people dealed wirh the same pain i was in. It didnt mean you had to stress youreself out to be happy just notice the day to day things that make you feel good.

Paid rent already, had to borrow some money from my mother i hate to do that but im running empty on money.Thanks mom!

Watched a family of deer or bull elk today waddle into the river by the trail that leads to the falls on the ymca side of the river. I sat on a bench and stared at them, wondered what they were saying to each other.

Leveled up on combat arms, im now a seargent not a corporal anymore and now ive reached a level where aiming at other players is getting much better ive gotten to the 20 kill level normally i get to 5 or 6 kills a session!

World Of Warcraft:Level 21

Later Days

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