if i had better guitar playing id stick at it..

So im blogging again, yes. Has been a while since ive blogged. I saw dave's video the other day the one about miniman, written in his english class in elementary school. This inspired me to do the same thing because i have old stories that i have written and want to share..only trouble is im in banff now and all my stuff from public school are in ontario so if i go back to ontario or get my mom to bring it out now i will post it to my youtube./darrenvox page.

Im listening to dave from blue skies' alone again on guitar from youstage in manchester. What a cool song written for piano and played by guitar. I really like that song, my other fav song is stickaid2008, oh i forgot to mention im on stickam as meaning i have an account there..i cant seem to access my account right now but i could do live shows and stuff on there.

My songwriting career is done, theres no more writing so all i can do now is support acts like dave from blue skies and davey milby.If i had a good guitar player to join me i could still sing but not write.

Im still planning my trip to england to see some of my friends and meet some of my online friends. I have some living in scotland and some living in wales and a few living in england so ive got to plan my trip accordingly. I was origionally going to do ireland, england and scotland. but now i dont want to go to ireland because i dont like the band u2 anymore and 95% of that trip part would have been about u2. so im skipping ireland to visit wales, cause people are telling me its a nice place.

if only i could get all my overseas friends to meet up at a certain city, such as bristol and i could see my buddies, meet the online ones and introduce everyone to each other, i could try saying its a bristol youtube gathering but i bet theres not alot of youtubers in bristol that we all know..my brother is in bristol living there working at the digital visitor thing.

Places i have to go to meet some online some real friends ive met in banff.

Real Friends
Crossgates, Wales
Isle of Mann, Scotland
Bristol, England

Online Friends
Derby, England
wherever nerimon lives
maybe charlieissocoollike could be visited by me..

might be better as a gathering of freinds in bristol when i go. could i get some of the names i listed to visit when i go to UK


there may be more but thats all i know on youtube from uk.

see what everyone has options for..


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munchkinhugs said...

I'm looking forward to watching/hearing about some of your oldschool creations (stories and all).

The miniman story was awesome and made me smile lots! I love children's stories; let me know when you put yours up (: