Red Eyed Platoon

I joined a clan on Combat Arms its called red eyed platoon. its a pretty good platoon cause its all about not having cheaters hackers and glitches in the game. I can name a clan who all they want is to get more exp so they can move up rank. why do people cheat?
Life is good for now, got a few more videos on youtube under my belt. No subscribers yet, but if anyone reads this my youtube is youtube.com/darrenvox subscribe at will!
I am so addicted to combat arms right now its ruling my life so much right now. All i do at the internet cafe is play combat arms for at least 3 hours or so. Its so much fun and ive met so many new people with it. One of my favorite players is Itoke, he is so good i think hes a SSG or might be higher rank than what i thought. Me and another new friend Samerica and a few other Red Eye Platoon people were playing on warhead with another clan but it wasnt any fun cause they were cheating.
See Ya!!

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