Im looking forward to the day i can finish or even start my quest on taking our old home videos and converting them to DVD, which would be cool in the fact we could give away our old videos to the people that were in them because im sure most of whats on our VHS-C have been forgotten and it would be a nice thing to do.

What i need

VHS-C adapter that works
maybe the ION VCR2PC thing
All my vhs-c tapes that are at home

What i dont need
is some future shop or source cc guy doing it becuae i actualy want to do some ediits on a copy of the master ill do and i might like to have a menu screen and some edited footage that could be the bonus features then ad an easter egg to it

date it may get done? 2012 because i dont know if i can do any of it out here and the usb to pc thing is expensive...i want it to be a work of art..i want to do it myself and i dont know where to go...i will start this if i move back to ontario in november.

if i move to ontario i will update daily and i might have some short footage on youtube.

untill then see you!!

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