on life love and the other stuff

something i havent talked about in ages because i didnt believe in love, i thought i was never going to be in love/married etc. but now i have met a few people and had a few crushes. I dont want to talk about it much but i like this girl who works at safeway. Word has gone around that i really like her. Now im not gonna start blogging about her but it needs to end. I mean what i keep doing metaphorically is closing doors on people for some reason. i mean ive had chances in the past.with that girl from high school, waited untill the last minute to make my move to be shot down again and again.

Now i know that this thing with the ... doesnt really matter, i really like her, we talk alot i compliment her and she does too but i feel like i started off on the wrong foot. Id like to still be her friend period. I also like other girls at safeway but im not shy too much these days but around women i get shy and i feel as if i have to get to know them to talk to them.

i have to stop closing doors on people, but i cant stop doing it..

my .50 cents.

im going to have to figure out what i really want. this is something i can only decide.

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