Every photo tells a story, some more than others

i recently took a look back at my photos on facebook just to pass the time and one photo album i had almost forgotten about called bow river overflow. Back last june or july our town of nearly 8000 + or so people had something weird but yet beautiful at the same time. The majestic bow river that flows through banff and calgary and on to hudson bay overflowed. It didnt claim any lives but it kept people far from the river..

source: http://www.riverwatch.ab.ca/rivertalk/viewreplies.cfm?topic_id=48

I only took 2-5 photos...

This photo just amazes me, what big a river we now have and whats the effects of the flooding that happened whatif i wwas playing guitar down by the river and accidentally got pushed off the bench because fot the strong current after this happened. I was just shocked to see this happen, its not every day that people see this sort of thing happen in their lives..

This photo just scares me, what if, when this happened someone like me was on it and got washed away...its not the bench that speaks to me its how high and fast the might bow is. I mena look at it its almost at seat height. It is dangersous but would have sounded cool to think about just sitting there with the fast water flowing over your legs....youd really have to hold on..

the others i took arent so as impressive as these are...but ill upload them anyways...maybe you can give me a comment as to what you think the others make you feel or see or whatever..or you could take them and photochop them and do things with them.

thats a river worth rafting down, if it werent so dangerous it would be fun...be something instead of taking pictures to experience the bow falls..

again take your time and think of what you think of when looking at these pics...this photo was used to prove how fast and how strong the river was...i recorded a video of how fast it was moving..NEXT

............whatever floats your boat....or finds youre lost remote...

in addition to these i took a short video..seen below

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