is this a gay idea or what? plus update on things

I recently lost my cell phone, and I was thinking it would be cool for the phone makers and phone service providers could allow phones to have a tracking system so that at all times you would know where your phone is. It sounds to me like this could help a lot of frustrated phone owners that cant even get the call to get their phone (like me) through because the battery is dead so even if I could call it, it would do nothing to benefit anyone.
So I'm home now, loving every minute of it, lots of work to do, with six horses 4 cats and a dog to take care of, there's no time to slack off, or there's not a lot of time to do nothing. I will be working somewhere in southwest Ontario, possibly cobble hills, but I'm not sure I want to work there, I'm going to have to work at somewhere else, like St Marys or Stratford, London or Kitchener.

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You are GOD!