how closure should be...

I know that when most people break up its hard and we put the memories in the back of our minds. This really does not solve the problem it prolongs it and makes it so that its not forgotten. What we should be doing for closure should be filling out some sort of legality forms. In these forms you would write as much as you could about what you have wanted to say since the breakup.  After you write all this and the partner fills it out you get a form of emotional closure and a phsyical closure. This would prevent or at least help prevent stalking or Unrequitted love. At least even if there was no love you could at least carry around a piece of legal paper that says you and someone else had a relationship and it lasted for XXX number of years. You broke up because of this or that.  It would allow full closure of sorts.
It would help me greatly, to know what I did wrong or what I said or did that made things change for the people who no longer want to talk to me.
Does anyone agree?

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