not so busy weekend.

normally the last few weekends in the summer have been very busy for me and my family. Weddings and buck n does, airshows/music festivals and the like. But the last few weeks have been very not busy, and has given me time to chill/swim/listen to music out by the pool and get back to being myself.

this weekend we planned to have my aunt and uncle, their son's roomate or schoolmate from back in the day or something. and their kids to come to have an afternoon lunch of corn and chicken kabobs etc...

they both arrived here at about 2pm yesterday and was happily hanging out by the pool but it eventually turned into a small rainstorm. Usually when i start to see lighting or thunder i dont try to even think about going into a pool. but my neighbors kid decided to stop in on the way home from work and i said sure, lets go swimming (inside my mind i was saying no!!) but we ended up in the pool the whole time the storm was coming through, because there was no lightning. anyways other than that the weekend went off without a hitch. If you saw my post about maybe going to wallaceburg on the 13th, i probably am not going to go!!...its just too far just for 5 or so hours...so i am going to jump ahead of that and prepare to go to kitchener in two weeks for the airshow,  the same weekend as the mopar fest....arrrgggg!!!

in september JAM has the open house and ill be possiblyt working in the beer tent as i have a smart serv certificate.

oh and i bought these incredibly awesome wireless speakers from the source (electronics store) for only $70!!!  they werk wonderfully...anyways that my blog for august 8th 2011..

cheers and have fun!!

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