where has the time gone

Well is that time of year again, summer. Its not official yet but it will be soon. Im going to be really busy this year as I have signed up for many shows and have plans to attend weddings. First up is the hamilton show, then I think theres a bit of time untill either the st thomas show is on or the folk festival I don't know.
I have been feeling a bit better about things. Im into my 2nd book of the artemis fowl books,well its actually the 3rd installment. The bookstore in st marys person said the arctic incident is the first book but it's the 2nd one so im on the 3rd and I havent read the 1st one yet.
oh well ill get to that at some point. Lots of grass cutting this week. We got our massey back but the other 8n is not working so we towed it over to this place just a few minutes drive from here but was a hair raising time as I had to keep my feet on the brake not pushing it but had my feet resting on it incase something were to go wrong.  Nothing went wrong but heck going up the hills was very hard to do as there could be a crash and my eyes were watering and I couldn't stop to wipe them.  But yes it was fun!!
Anyways ive been having some banff dreams lately and I don't like them. Someones sending some sort of message to me during my subconsious thoughts should be illegal..
anyways sad to see the canucks lose last night.
Darren Elliott
Jet Aircraft Museum

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