the emails that got me famous on interrobang

Hello my name is darren elliott and i am 28, am finishing fanshawe and was emailed on Better The World about someone wanting to interview me about this website called "bettertheworld.com" her name was kristen. She mentioned that if i was avialible i would do a phone call interview which would be ok but i am busy with school work and studying maybe theres an alternative way to approach it, maybe i could drop by tomorrow or next week sometime and do an actual interview. Would that work?? (better use of 3 hours in between classes)
She didnt mention who it was that was going to do the actual interview so i thought id email the writer directly because that may be who does it.
What building is the interrobang out of. I know its based on the FSU so it must be in the SUB building i guess.
this is what she posted on bettertheworld.com

"Hi Darren! This is Kristen from Better The World - thanks for supporting us! A reporter from the Fanshawe newspaper is going to do an article on Better The World and was hoping to speak to a Fanshawe student and get their opinion. Is there any chance you would be open to speaking with her? It would probably just be a quick phone call. If you are interested we would appreciate it! Thanks! Kristen"
Oct 07/09
maybe you know her or know what this is about...
Talk to you soon
Darren Elliott
ps can you pass this on to whoever was interested in knowing more about this, thank you

Have a nice day.

What can i say, what a wonderful way to find out how you can change the world by surfing on the inter net, cool huh?.

I found out about better the world at an IT conference in Stratford Ontario, as i am from that area. I thought that this kind of caring for causes was a nice way to go about things. I find that the website is easy to look at and works well with the other stuff that you are interested in and all the causes you support.

There is a school related contest going on for most of ontario i believe and Fanshawe is #14 at the moment. It would be nice to see us being near the top. Lets go Fanshawe lets get some more members (ivanna this would be good for the paper) and get more going on with this website.

This site also works with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. in getting your word out there in order to change the world. Just sign up today and get started in changing the world. I can all be done with a click.

Darren Elliott
(GAS) student

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