should i have even moved to banff

even though this aint no regular break up, and i should be fully moved on so far. It aint doing anything for my heart. Though my head may have left thinking about her mot of the time, my heart still wishes and longs for this girl who i met some 6 and a half years ago.

I dont know why im on this long road that leads nowhere and i cant seem to get any closure from this i really want to know why she ignored me so then movidng on process wouldnt be so hard and i could actualy move on and find someone to fill that hole/

i really didnt want to end up hating her and wishing and in the end losing her but there we go again just pissing of another girl so that they will never want to see me agian. Isnt that great!! i feel as if im in a re-run of "cant hardly wait"

Por the previous post i can tell that she wants nothing to do with me anmore and thats great, even better but then i start thinking about her again and like ive said before its like im on some jeykll/hyde run and im not really liking it.

The key to fixing this is CLOSURE and when i will probably get it will be 2040 or so...

so im screwed till then!!!

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