my medical condition....mostly all my life

I dont think many people know this and are into medical contitions, but
since i was a little baby i have been growth hormone deficient. Which means
i needed injections every day just to keep me alive, well and young. It
wasnt till i was in my early 20's that i stopped taking them and my body
didnt need it as it had enough to keep me growing. But no matter what i
couldnt grow past 5 foot 11 inches.

Im also hypoglycemic, which means if i dont eat right my blood sugar goes
way down then comes up sor something. As you can tell i can sometimes never
understand whats wrong with me..

And also i have a medic alert bracelet that has the long words of
"Hypopituitarism" whish means i just have an over active pituitary gland. We
all know the size of the thing. Its about the size of a pea.

I am finally getting to know what everything means and how much it can save
my life.


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MattyD said...

wow...i think it's really brave that you've managed to cope through that :) i hope that throughout life you keep the strength and knowledge that you can deal with things that come at you!

personally i'm allergic to penecillin...i know it's nothing compared to your problems. also i know that i really should wear a medical bracelet...definately something i should invest in. as the first pain killers that seem to be given on the scene of an accident here are all penecillin based.