Long Day Today

Long day at safeway today, lots of thoughts as to what my week is going to be like, since i have no idea what my shedule is missing from the board. So ill be in tomorrow at 10 am no matter if its scheduled that im off (but if it states im off, im out the door).

Burned a good edition of Boy, without "the ocean" but with North and south of the River and a few other slow and quiet ones. I like some of the slower songs by U2. Boy has such good shit, man. I mean songs like twilght get me rollin.I cant believe I will follow is on that album. I dont rember it being on that album. Its been on countless ablum. The other song i love is "A Day without Me". So materielistic of those days. I dont listen to "Another Time Another Place" that much. So there are limited songs on boy i actually like.

I have to post more photos on here.


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