day 1 after eating a red hot chilli pepper

man those things are hot. They were very small and i was sure they would pack a punch and they did. Im just glad its not burning my mouth anymore.

I am havind a good afternoon on my day off. Yesterday was my sisters 31st b-day. Good to see her, its been a while, but we are in the same town!!

Most of the mountains are covered in snow very briskly, not alot of it. Probably will melt in next 2-3 days. It will go back to being snow covered when it rains again which could be anytime this week.

Attention safeway shoppers, if you went to the vending machines, last week and selected a coke and get a rootbeer, my apologies. I ran out of space to put RB while refilling and put a few in the coke one. I am truly sorry.

Current Mood:Delightful
Current Music:Writing my own!!

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