Fuck IE!! Safari has all i need!!

hi guys feeling much happier now and moving on with my life i havent got the time anymore to sit around to wait. I havent really started finding anyone yet because i just dont know, im a loser and got nothing to do anymore but play driver paralell lines on the wii.  

no one has asked on youtube or on here what my 
webcam looks like and not too many really care but for those who have wondered what im using for my videos and they are pretty good videos (quality wise) it is actually better than my dads 40 dollar webcam which is alot of static...mine has alot of static  but im ok with it. I bought it for 15 bucks at a surplus store in london ontario...ZSMC 211 is the model number...probably 10-15 years old because zsmc doesnt exist anymore.

I pulled an all nighter last night and most of the night to early dawn i watched a made-for-tv- movie called "monster island". Even though most of the monsters were obviously fake the love story was brilliant. Id give this movie about a 3/10 for the horror it gave me which is zero. 12/10 for the kinda good love story.

Its 3:33am on friday may 22. Ill probably be sleeping all day.....which is like the kiss song i want rock and roll all night and sleep everyday.

If you can believe me i have never had windows office higher than 2000 on my computer.  I barely ever use it but when i do its just hard to use. I might take my computer in and get it tuned up and put some ram or rom in it. 

about the IE thing i find IE slow loading and too much toolbars and stuff. safari has all i need and keeps it clean. I also like firefox but cant get the youtube (upgrade-to-the-next-flash-player) problem fixed...so im sticking with safari...whatever happened to netscape...i remember using it in high school and havent heard much of it since.

i havent done a blog like this in ages and its a good way to get it off my chest.  I used to blog only like this but now i dont because i have other things to do than sleep..speaking of sleep good night!!

i found my dads old Minlota XG1 and cant wait to see if it still works... 

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