that took all of what...5 minutes?

Hello blogging world. I just thought id update my website because i thought it would be a good time to do something with it.

While i was doing some afternoon lawn cutting i thought maybe tomorrow sometime i would take screenshots of the social media websites i am on (ie facebook myspace etc). Then i would crop them to make thumbnails. I figured while i was cutting that it would take me like an hour or so. But i loaded up safari and found the best view of all the social sites i have and took a screenshot with the program i use with flightsim called snapper (ovosoft.com/snapper). I then loaded up photoshop 6.0 and instead of cropping them i reduced the size from 80x600 to 100x75. Then i uploaded all of the pictures to my tripod account and put them with links to their pages on my contact page.

The contact page that i had alread had, was a form, my email, and links to my blog and forum. Now they are thumbnails that you can click on instead of some link. I have a few more to do as in the forum and dailybooth and all that....

you can find my website at darrenelliottmusic.tripod.com

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