CTNotify.exe Problem on startup

It hasnt affected me much in the last few months but just recently i thought id get the disk detetor working on my machine again. And then recently i loaded up my computer the other day and it gave me a error message something about kernel32.dll so i searched the computer for it and then didnt seem to see it and then searched the web and downloaded it to replace the file but now its not working so well and the error comes up every time i load my windows xp computer.

Its not a big deal im just trying to get things back to the way they were years ago so when i do sell it and it probably wont happed in the next 20 years cause im attached to this computer but if i do sell it i want it back kinda the way i got it. The disc detector was working when i first got this computer on bursary at college.

Its an Aopen PC-1 Computer
Windows XP
55GB Ram
gEforce2 400 MMX

if anyone could lead me to how to get rid of this error...do i have to reinstall it or find a new version of it??


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