slept through a virtual flight

Went to bed about 6 hours ago in the middle of a virtual westjet flight and woke up being like 900 miles from where i was supposed to land at CYYC calgary.

So i closed flight sim and now im waiting at the CYXU aiport ready to fly privatelty this morning to maybe calgaty but it probably wont be. Im flying in the eDimensional Boeing 737-200.

i bought a book the other day on amazon about the Boeing 737-200 so it will gice me somnething to read ad i canrt seem to get any further into the harry potter book. This one may last all summer before i get to finish it.

I had a massage on friday in st marys at heal a peel and my stiff legs are now very soft and i can feel it. I might go for one again this week just to soften them up more..

im curios on the name chage of my blog changing it to living in embro or ontario now and may lose the traffic i have already had...i dunno...i want to because im not living in banff anymore and im living in ontario...oh well...

talk to you later...

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