every beauty should go out with an idiot

So im doing more flights theses days like today i flew london to calgary at 7am this morning, got up went to the washroom at around 6 and couldnt stay sleeping so i got up and get ready to fly to calgary and i should have done it IFR because calgary was IFR at the time i tried to land...i was VFR.

I took a guitar lesson in embro tonite and learned a few new chords. learned how to make chords out of notes. Really nice guy really helped me with it, im going back on wednesday night again.

Thursday is back to the drawing board with another 100+ kids coming to cobble hills...it looks to me like we only have a few more days of skiing. Our funday was supposed to be march 7th but now its march 14 if we still have any snow at cobble.

Its been raining quite alot here so if we make it to next week we're lucky...i doubt theres much left this time of year. Looks like its time to go to banff for the rest of the season...haha...would be nice for at least a week or 2. Take "uncle doug" with us for another year.

Our team consists of

Art Jansen
Anette Harrison (daughter of art)
Rick Harper
Rick Skillings
Doug Ferguson
Bruce Elliott
Eleanor Elliott
D-man Elliott (me)

thats pretty much it!1

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