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For all my viewers,heres a meme thats easier than hard stuff lol ok what you do is load up your itunes and the 1st 40 songs that you hear write out the 1st line of the song and people can guess the song, there arent any prizes just guess them...you can do this too... 

1.leave the bright blue door on the white wash wall
2.well the midnight headlight find you on a rainy night
3.future need a big kiss, winds blow with a twist
4.in the distance she saw me coming round 
5.well 70 years and she woke by the radio
6.i hadnt seen you in quite a while, i was down the hole just killin time
7.i have climbed the highest mountain i have run through the fields 
8.i was born a child of grace nothing else about the place
9.i wanna hold em like they do in texas babe
10.i must look just like a fool herte in the middle of the road
11.when you try your best but dont succeed
12.it ticks just like a timex it never lets up on you
13.afternoon see a guy with rubys on his hair(head)
14.i woke up early this morning around 4 am
15.see the stone set in your see the thorn twist in your side
16.im gonna kick of my shoes and run in bare feet
17.tonite the moon is playin trick again im feeling see sick again
18.we used to leave the blue lights on
19.almost heaven west virginia blueridge mountains
20.you were born inisde of a raindrop
21.you filled up my senses like a night in a forest
22.gravity, its not pullin me, ill be picture with no sound
23.i wish, i wish i could surrender my soul
24.you say you want diamonds on a ring of gold
25.blazing a trail to the southern cities from our hometown
26.the heart is a bloom, shoots up through the stormy bloom(?)
27.many dont need no comforting he dont ask em 
28.i could se in your eyes and feel it in your touch
29.its poetry in motion she turned her tender eyes to me
30.im hold on your rope got me 10 feet off the ground 
31.jonny take a walk with your sister in the move/moon(?) 
32.everywhere i hear the sound of marching 
33.you say you want a revolution
34.high higher than the sun you shoot me from a gun
35.is there a time for keepin your distance
36.lover im on the street wanna go where the big lights
37.i was born, i was born to be with you, in this space and time 
38.i was on the outside when you said you said you needed me
39.it was a long and dark december, and from the rooftops i remeber 
40.if you walk away ill walk away, 1st tell me which roads you will take

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