people used to say to me,

i woukdnt bother with "you know who" and i never really thought of it that
way. I always persisted in being courteous and sublime in ways. But now ive
learned something else. I was worng to even want her. Back about 5 years ago
i would have never realized this but as you all know time heals the heart
and its about time that ive been healed good enough to say i love ym life.

Im not in heart breake mood anymore, its like overnight i feel happier....

im still mad i made the decision to even want her. but i guess i can easily
get over that..heck that wont take very long...which brings me to another
point, what was it that made me want her in the first place? what was i
thinking?? i should have gone out with the 3-4 other people that trued to
ask me out...thats where i belong...

anyways...stuff to think about

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1 comment:

Tara said...

Darren, I'm so happy to see you've made it through the recent bad time. Remember though, no matter what, always be true to yourself. Never let anyone else tell you what you should or shouldn't do.

Look on this as a new start. Get rid of all the baggage you don't need, and focus on the now as opposed to the past.

Thanks for your comment to my post. We are still trying hard to get to Banff, but are waiting on the cash flow to sort itself which should be sometime during August. With a bit of luck we should be hitting Banff in September or October. See you there!