i give up

all these years ive been stuck with questions as to how i could have avoided
being where i am at right now. Its like that reo speedwagon song i cant
fight this feeling anymore.

I can feel "her" presense in banff and i dont like it, if my life wasnt so
bad enough now its worse, my life sucks.

Im ready to give up on a goal or objective i had back in high school just to
well meet het or talk to her but now i give up, she can go ahead and get
married, have her kids and enjoy her life as my life dwindles towards

i know in words on this blog it doesnt mean much or make much sense but this
is how ive felt for like 4-5 months now. i just wish i could fall off the
face of this earth....


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Hoping4more said...

hello! you're not alone; really!!! hope things improve for you, soon! :)