I was wrong to think...

that i could try to "win her" over. I mean she has other guys that i think
are so desperate to be with her that im sure a person like me wouldnt really
matter to her.

But let me ask you, why would, all of a sudden this thought of her come into
my mind. I mean beforehand i had not even thought once about her...just like
4-5 months ago when my life was ok and i was going to be ok. But i hit the
brick wall and now all i can think about is her. I try hard to forget, and
move on but nope, still got my head and heart on her.

I have officially become somewhat of a recluse, i cant go where i want to go
downtown, but im gonna have to not worry about work. But every night theres
no going out on my porch no doin nothin but home and work!!!

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