i think my blog ideas and thoughts on here will change....

what goes on in my blog here is more of like whats going on in my head alot
of the times but is more like an extension of what im thinking about as i
sit here.

Id like to have more of a, "while im walking home late at night as im
talking to myself" kind of blog. I get more stuff out that way but it doesnt
stay there very long, i guess i could mobile blog it but txt messinging on
my phone is hard enough to blog what im thinking as im thinking it would be
more of what i want like lets say one of those earphone phones are used to
text what im saying into words and blog it but then i run ito problems when
people can see me and i look like im talking to no-one!!

ah well nevermind...well that breaks the ice for this blogging...

whats new for me? whats new for me...? hmm...well theres alot of things
going on in my life, not to say work but in personal life some things are
getting in the way. Its kinda like saying you are doing nothing but you are
doing something...understand? well anyways there are alot of things going
on that im either worried about or feel threatend by but yet when you look
you see nothing...

umm...ok so theres a person whos back and closer to where i am each day than
id like to be but im ok with that. The only thing that really bugs me is
when i listen to cd's on my porch which faces tunnel and i can only see a
few short feet of rundle (what a veiw).. anyways everytime i come out on
the porch to play guitar, listen to music i get a small audience from a
house north from me...grizzly street? cougar? i cant remeber which one...but
anyways theres out there listening. what reason for i have no freicken

second thing is at 8:30 am or so i get wakened up by the sound of hammers.
They are building a house and so every morning theyre out there hammering,
if you listesn without looking at them it sounds like they are just hitting
the wood at various speeds and as if for fun.

so anyways the ideas you hear in this blog may not be ones im thinking about
as of this moment they might have been though of some night at like 2am as
im making my way home..

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