if copy and paste doesnt work restart you computer

this will be short and sweet so dont look for something lomng for this....

earlier this am i was trying tio add ai arcraft to a list but it wouldnt paste only copy so i googled the issue and alot of forum posts have been made to it showing how to fix it and some said you have tio go into serveices and change something to clibbopard but its not here...so just do what i said at the top which is restart youre computer

thats all...


Was fun in Quebec City...

Had a really fun time in qc last week and now it is 7 days since we arrived home so was very fun


oh wow...been a while

it has been almost a year since i have posted on this blog. I just wanted to update all 2 or 3 of you that follow this what i'm up to for the last few months..

I've been going through a rough patch in my life. Trying to forget someone is kinda hard when you have to see things that remind you of this and that.

Im doing well otherwise. just had to clean my computer yesterday...i had finally made it to the 0bytes level and was able (using ccleaner and uninstallstilling programs like overwolf got me back to 1.something GB which is awesome...

I cant wait till the days of 20+ degrees  in summer...just a few more weeks and then were at least something closer to having just a sweater or a t shirt...cant wait...

Pool still covered with at least 4 or 5 inches of snow so no swimming for anytime soon...just cant wait i said

forum is still seeing activity as for steve (kingsak) and angie and ashley and jusjt tonite troy came back for a couple of seconds. Hope to see him more often,..and angie is getting more members or trying to...

its been snowing alot here in the past few weeks and theres a ton of snow on the ground and every other day it snows again so were along way from those hot hot days of summer...

anyways if you want to join my forum its at darrenelliott.proboards.com

hope to see you there.....


Year in review

January- nothing big

feburary-nothing big

march- trip to  collingwood airport and blue mountain

april 27-31 vancouver and whistler

May 1-3 vancouver watching planes land

june-nothing big

jusly-nothing big

august-nothing big

september- wedding at lake

october nothing


december not much


no blogs since may

i am so sorry for the delay in no posts since may 2014 but not much has been going on...at least with my life...had a great summer. went on a few good day trips and had lots of fun

im starting to make a list of all the arports that ieve been to in the real world like collingwood in march and orrila in august

went to six mile lake in ontario had a great little time with my sister we fished and canoed and did alot of fun things...

then in sept or early october we went to goderich and saw the airport, had supper at the park house where nothing happened there in 1898 or whatever....had some reall nice food there as the sun went down.

all in all its been a "ive been there in flightsim but never in real life" kinda years...

  1. March-Collingwood
  2. May-Vancouver
  3. August-Orillia
  4. Sept-Oct-Goderich
and more....


van city travels back in may

In may of this year we, mom and dad and i went to vancouver. We flew to clagary, we stayed there and ahd a tims coffe and stuff (i took out my camera and took a few photos of the gates outside woth westjet 737s taxiing along and then on to vancouver. During the taxi out to runway 34 i think there was an unusual a319 that not seen alot, it was the TCA a319 and it took off ahead of us at calgary and landed ahead of us at well you giessed it vancouver....and then we passed the air north 737-200 (havent seen those around for 8 yrs+)  Our plan was to go to whistler for the afternoon and maybe night. So we got the rental car (ford explorer or something) and drove north on the highway 99, and headed for whistler

on the way there we almost got on the ferry and told the guy we got on the wrong eit and it took us to the ferry and we asked what we do in such instances and he said just take a right where the cars are and keep going to the gate...gate opens and we are back on highway to whistler...so after 3.5 hours on a plane and a 2.5 hours flight to vancouver wchich ould have flown right over my old neck of the woods. After sitting for a while and not eating much more than lot of coke and pretzels our stomachs needed some more sustanance so we stopped at a town called horsehoe bay and almost got lost trying to find the town so we asked some stranger how to get into the town. and she said turn around  and go back to some street (we were off the highway at that point) and after we asked her for directions we asked if she was always from this area and she said ive been living here most of my life but i was born and raised in a small town called shakespeare ontario (my jaw nearly dropped)

so we went into the town of horshoe bay and  went and watched the ferries leave and come back and everyone was feeling hingry so we went to this place called C Lovers and its a fish and chip spot. we ate some fish and then heaed to the car and kept driving...we stopped at a place called shannon falls. stopped for a few minutes and then kept going and didnt stop again for another 2.5 hours.

Arrived in veeestler (strong german accent needed for that word). drove to ski hill to see what it was like , mom and dad was there in like 1972 or somthing like that. But i t was cool. skiers still on the hill. then headed back to the hotel and signed in and looked at the room and mom and dad  went down to get some liqour or wine etc...and i watched tv and wasnt really interested in going anywhere so i was a litte homesick and jetlagged so i sat down and watched some news...

net morning we had a plan to go to the ski hill and ride up chairlift for a tour of the ski lodge at the top, condiitons were favorable for skiing but not for walking up in jeans or ski pants and no hats or warm gloves (good thing that we had the cover of the charlift down...got to the top had some luch...

then headed back down the chairlift and back to the hotel...packed up and drove to our actual place or reason were here and got our bags out and walked to the room and then everything started to get amazing. Instead of getting all my stuff put away or unpacked was awatching all these planes fly over...

and then most of the week dad was away at his conference and i spent most of the days outside walking around the grounds and exploring while keeping my eyes into the sky for planes... i was watching the planes from the window, downstairs by the dragon and other places...had my radio and laptop and flightradar24. so i saw alot of alaska dh4, ACA a319's and md-11, etc etc...

lots of boats, lots of ducks and birds and plenty of chickien fingers at triple-os!!

at the casino i won 10 bucks but if you do the math it wasnt very much...put 5 in get 3 dollars back {2 out) put in a 10dollar bill and get 8 dollars (3 reall dollars)

I met a guy named randy who flies with this virtual buffalo airlines and met up with  him at java jacks and we had some coffe i offered him to buy him some coffe but he said no thanks and bought me and him so tea....(i do have to pay him back sometime). he met my mom and dad and then we took some photos and he left and we left on saturday and headed back to calgary and drove to canmore and stayed with my bro.

went for walks around canmore and banff  and then after the weekend was over we went to calgary airport and dropped the car off and since our flight didnt leave for a few hours we went into the molson brewhouse for lunch and watched some 737's and a319 (no wonder i fell in love with them)

and then we boarded for london and we came home and was different temperatures than it was in banff and all those days in van city...amen!!

next flight/trip to ottawa a few weeks ago!!


Visting Van City Now

when we yook off at calgary i saw the a320 air canada trans canada airlines takeoff in front of us then when we landed in van city its right in freont of us...and parked at vancouver...out of the 8 00 main airports in canada it lands here