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The strategy of the Shinkage school takes into account the geography of the terrain, the hour of battle, and other parameters. In 1986 with C. Consisting of two side platforms, the wooden construction mimicked what could be found on the Port Chester extension.


Another Year In ontario

well I guess another year has come and gone  and wrapped up, and a new year to do more things and get out more.

normally this time of year I do a blog on what I did the past year  so without more ado\\\

~worked at cobble again for another season
~mom and dad to banff

~will come back to this


~cobble closes down forever!!


~spent my b-day at home and my uncle and aunt came here and had a luncheon

Mom and dad to Edmonton/Canmore/Banff

KW Airshow
Highland Games

From June to July I was outside chillig with my tablet.



~JAM Open House
~went to bayfield for a da( may have also been in October
~outdoor farm show


~ryan came back for a few days
~we had last minute thanksgiving with George, Jeff, Traci, Wally , Mom And Dad and I


Xmas with Traci and Jeff, Mom and Dad and I

I got
        -SealLine Dry Bag
        -Vamp 3 Effects Panel
       -Snowshoes +Poles
I gave

-Car Visor Organiser
-+ more

`USB Hub
- +More

-Ipad Cover Slevee
-Tablet Gloves

So all in all it was a good year!!!


Watching the  cfl finals, hamilton has won, still waiting for calgary to win

Moved some stuff into my sisters house

Go calgary


Bayfield or bust

Today we went to bayfield and  walked along the water and bathed in the sun. Had supper at the albion restaurant..and then headed home


From Crazy Larry in Banff

Plan: To cycle across Canada with Goal Zero Power Solar Panel powering my laptop and phone (Windsor,Ontario > Banff,Alberta) like the movie Forest Gump Style allowing everyone to join in...visiting SkateBoard Parks along the way...talking in schools about making healthier decisions / smart food choices / why every choice counts in life / uplifting and full of humour and high energy - how Cancer can affect many family members and friends(the ups/downs) of Cancer including costs and NEW treatments available = making smarter choices than ever before.

This trip is allowing FULL disclosure of the entire trip via LIVE Web Streaming /GPS LIVE tracking. F.B messages/emails/blog updates/LIVE Video Footage at SkateBoard Parks.
Live Video's/pictures will be made by the kids at SkateBoard Parks for souvenirs of their fun efforts encouraging them to stay away from choosing drugs,drinking and making a difference in society will be and 'can be' the Hallmark of their ways!
NOT just wishing they come in 1st, 2nd,3rd.
Talks that we all can have fun staying healthy will be highlighted with some FUN music.

Meetings with town/city mayors, Fire Chiefs-firemen and women, Principals of schools, teachers, Police, RCMP will allow help me to bridge the gaps of kids/youth connecting with adults that we trust so blindly. Trusting that they will do deeds and doings that are honourable, sound in principle and morally right, and at least for the betterment of our health.
Folks and friends ~ I need to get ELLEN Degeneres TV Show plain and simple.

ELLEN needs to understand how many lives will changed!
I need lots of people to explain to her that with some High Energy Announcing abilities/positive talks about beating Cancer/Keeping kids-youth updated with current knowledge that there is 'much' that they can do as individuals in a forever changing world and with my Custom-made SHURE Axient Announcing System with Custom-made designed Speakers I can impact them even more!!!
Time to harness some goodness and bring out the STAR the lies in each one of us!
Mom's illness will not go unnoticed.
The event name: Today I Ride for You will be for ALL to ride for someone they love,care for,or has past on.
We 'Can' do this;if we come together to help each other.
*** For more information on how you can help Crazy Larry's Today I Ride for You please email him at www.crazylarry.ca
While visiting please feel free to write in what your thoughts are of encouragement towards this paradigm shift about to take place that includes 'you' as individual friends.
Together 'we' make a difference.
Crazy Larry Melnik


Summer plans...

Lots of swimming, book reading, and stereo playing

Books on the go now are

Who killed the avro arrow by chris gainor
And the wholy bible by god and jesus


Another daily bible passage

1 Corinthians 4:20 () 20 For the kingdom of God does not consist in talk but in power. #Bible http://mydailybible.org/dv/esv/2013-05-07.htm