sorry no updates...

i've been busy on other thugs and totally forgot about the blog and thought id update you all on whats been going on!!

After my mom passed (i hope you have all heard that my mom passed away by now) and its been hard but not that hard.. i just had one of those days where it hits you again. I was on dads computer beacause i was flying on my computer...and while chatting on my tablet to someone i looked up and saw a photo of mom on some beach and i teared up...i still beilive that any day after someone dies its very sad but nearly 2 months into  it, ive moved on but still have here in my thoughts once and a while...they'll never go away, but that's a good thing!!

Doing lots of grass cutting here and there, there are areas i cant get to because of mud and the old deck sitting there since last september or so... but i start now with the sold soccer field then move to the orchard and i then go do front yard and then i move to gangway and then im pretty well done. im noticing how the new cutter  has such a wide berth to it compared to the orange and white mower we had. Those cutters were small and took a loger cutting time but this one is huge i inly need like 3 or 4 swaths to cut the soccerfiled etc!! (except for the orchard)

As of this moment im flying for delta in A319 from MTPP to KATL #FS2004

i havent updated where i have been on my flightsim blog so im going to that one shortly..

Take Care
Darren Elliott
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Party of nearly 20 tonite

just finished a small party of a few people that had never met each other. People like jeff  and pam marks who hadnt met any of these people but then the ottawa side of the family were here to have a good time. they met my uncle and aunt from australia. They will mix and mingle tomorrow as well. quite alot of people here tonite, we have had more in the past but recently there hasnt been this many in the house…they just kept coming and coming…at first , annett came to help with clean up and to hang out. then the elliott’s from ottawa arrived followed by the wilsons and the germanns, then folowed by jeff and pam and then paul and cheryl arrived…it was interesting how the two arrived with each other like they did in the mid 80’s. Nowadays chreryl has 3 boys and lives in north vancouver, paul has two girls that live in southern california. 


anne and wally=2
gaye and scott=2
jeff and pam=2
ryan and jess=2
gord and sharon=2
gords wife and two kids=3
traci, dad and i=3 
=17 people…wow…thats alot of heads to feed!! we all had enough cake…was fun ill be seeing alot of them tomorrow  


2015: year in review

January-normal start to the year with tons of snow
Febuary- regular month with snow
March- concert with Neil diamond 
April- I start to get outside more and on my bday I get to go to a tragically hip show. Loved it
May- trip to Quebec City, enjoyed being there and stuff and the ride home 
June- Browns chicken dinner with Anne and Wally
July-volunteered to work the gates at July 1st celebrations in embryo and new lawn mower
August-went bowling/ aunt and uncle were out every other weekend
September-we close pool and contractors start destroying trees and buildings to put up new garage...
October- more hammering
November- trip to long beach dad and mom enjoyed the conference and I liked just hanging around..
December...xmas and now New Years

Happy new year...


if copy and paste doesnt work restart you computer

this will be short and sweet so dont look for something lomng for this....

earlier this am i was trying tio add ai arcraft to a list but it wouldnt paste only copy so i googled the issue and alot of forum posts have been made to it showing how to fix it and some said you have tio go into serveices and change something to clibbopard but its not here...so just do what i said at the top which is restart youre computer

thats all...