no more ducking and running...

A lot of time when she comes near im almost running off to feel scared and
away from her. Well today i got over that. I wanted so much to move to
another till to help someone else but i had to stay... and i dont mean to
act like a stalker but unlike my other times of leaving just before she gets
there i stayed. I felt good. I mean me and her didnt talk but i was able to
not move...man that was good..

addicted to Lost...watched last episode of lost last night of season 2.
Leads you in confusion..michaeal goes home or somewhere with walt then the
crazy guy who knew jack in the running thing at night came back and the
button wasnt pushed. I liked when locke said "i was wrong" while forks
knives and plates were being thrown about. i wonder about the hyieroglyphics
after the button doesnt get hit...


gotta love the "bad numbers"

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