ive been thinking about going back to ontario and staying there permanently,
which would be a good thing..i guess.

Seeing as now im hating banff. I think back to the first bit of high school
i loved st marys. It was a town i couldnt get enough of but then things went
so down a few years i started more and more to hate it.

I love banff now i wonder if in like 3 or four months ill hate banff..

which makes me wonder am i gonna hate every single town ive been in and also

lets say i hate banff and decide to live somewhere in the carribean or live
in the middle east...i wonder if shes gonna make me hate the town

the reason i hate st marys is because she was always there and then this
whole change in my life took place and one of the things i did was hate
it...i mean i could walk its streets but i really still hated it...

anyways theres your blog for the day

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