"search for himself in his lovers eyes"....

Anyone familiar with the phrase searching for youreself in someone
else??. Think about the last time you saw youreself in youre next car,
or how you saw youreself in someone else. It was best said in a u2
song called "slow dancing" bono sings "and i dot know why a man,
search for himself in his lovers eyes". I think it sums up alot of how
im feeling right now.

ive been searching for myself in someone else, but that someone else i
screwd up on. As much as many people believe, that was the only person
i could find myself in. Too bad i didnt have another chance to change

I dont think alot of people know what real love is, when youve never
had it, you appreciate that is there if you ever get it. But when most
are in love they dont really know the powers it beholds.

Heres something ive never let loose. I find sometimes the dreams i
have involve, well uh....emails. Like from her, being sent to me, they
feel so real that i wake up and check my email to find theres nothing
there...what a fricken waste of time.

Ive hit rock bottom in my life, no one is my friend not that i really
need them right now im a total loss, good thing im not drinking or
this post would be worse.

have a good night...

"if i cant change the world, i can change the world in me"-u2

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