One of the most influential songs helping me blog is..

Usually when i write a long blog, it usually some from listening to either
james blunt's youre beautiful like 3,000 times or i ve listened to a u2 song
over and over.

But right now im listeing to sometimes you can make it on your own by u2. Up
next is all i want is you.

So this is just great for now. The only thing now is i have no idea what to
write about Well you could say that ive been having a hard time enjoying the
last few days. When i look at the mountans from my porch all i see the left
side of tunnel and a tiny bit of rundle. Then the 1st thing that strikes me
as weird is this huge house on that is the 1st thing i see then i look at
the mountains from my porch. I mean youd have to be blind not to see it.

To make matters worse at work all i see is beatiful women that anyday id
take but being the dorky nerd i am i really ignore them because, well i dont
know why. Its starting to cramp my style, im becoming more confused and not
surew where to turn to.

Anyways i enjoyed being home in ontario for the 1-2 weeks i was there. Got
to see at least 1 of my gazillion friends while i was there. Bumped into a
guy who was just like me in high school, really dark dark glasses he wore
almost 3/4 of the way thru school, to this day im not sure how he could see
through them. They were that dark!!

But now hes working for the local paper as some sore of rep in the
advertising feild. Sounds like hes having fun!!

Other than that i didnt get to see anyone else i know...everyone is either
in some other town or is in college and living in that same city..

well this was great. dam that all i want is you can help so much in writing
and writing..

Have a good day and enjoy whatever game you watch these days dawn!!

"if i cant change the world, i can change the world in me"-u2

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