why the long time?

it seems as if my living in ontario blog needs some updates. I am so sorry i haven't updated  lately, its either because im busy or not busy and i havent had alot of time or have forgotten.

Whats new you ask? not much. Im keeping busy and enjoying the end of the year,  as we inch ckoser to the last day of the year. This year isnt gonna be the best for me, i lost my mother 9 months ago. Sure my days are better and happier but any thoughts or her or when i think of times when mom was there i cry.

What i just said isnt new or big, that happens to everyone whos lost someone, wether through an accident or a heart attack etc. Its all matters of the heart that when someone dies, sure you will cry and sure you will have good days after and the thing is youull never stop thinking of him/her in a sense like you and someone else over a loved one dying.

There are times though that catch me off guard, when i see a pic on a computer screen that shows mom and i doing something like hearing the news that i was gonna graduate, a few years ago, still makes me cry, thats not new, we all do. We just dont cry whole heartedly like we did the moment i heard the news.

So that in conclusion is whats going on here in ontario, theres no snow here yet and i dont know when it will come, last year it was 12 degrees and warm and we bbqd from the front deck as we listened to christmas songs, still then mom was with us that time!!

anyways theres an update for this blog 


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