2016 the year that was

Celebrating New Year's Day at home, extension fully built just inside that needs to be finished.

February,  one of the last enjoyable Valentine's Day

March, mom dies of a heart attack,  on the 21st or 22 of the month.

April, I celebrate my birthday without mom and get a few things I wanted

May, sunshiny days ahead, still think of mom but think of her in good light

June, another month of things that I know happened and cannot remember them

July, another month of hot heat and lots of photographs. I did a few things at this time of year but they don't stand out

August,  a few events around here and there 4-5 months after mom has left us.

-arrival day for airshow and caught some really good pics of them
Golf tournament for BAMM
Rained out for first day of weekend airshow after being back.
Sunday me and dad go to watch airshow from nisoorri Rd

Haloween and pumpkin watching

Rememberance day at Stratford

Very uneventful
Then New Years is happening and we do this all again.

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