ideas on marrage and love

Its been coming into my inner voice for a while now but ive been meaning to
talk about marriage and romance and love issues.

Im noticing it more and more that marriages only last for under a year and
for others just a short time. I think its because theres no real feeling of
love between two people. Its merely just an "i love you" thing...not much
more for some people.

What love is really all about is like jack and rose in titanic where lets
say someone was married with somoene else then the husband or the wife gets
killed in some freak accident and the man is left alone. If the man shrugs
it off and doesnt think about what he just lost its not love at all.

As they say love can move mountains, and well it cant physically do that, it
feels like it. It should be like the movie the village where the two are
deeply in love. Most people i know are hardly in love at all.

There are many ways of love. Romanitc love, unrequeted love and love shyness
and there are other forms. I got caught up in unrequited love. Threw my
heart out to someone and that person never gave it back. You see i used to
go to mall fountains when im shopping in malls and i used to make a wish. I
always kept it secret but now i shall reveal all that what i used to say
when i made is wish was "i wish i was with..." i said that whole thing
every time...shall i search for a genie in a bottle to actually make that
with come true.

Something ive been thinking about lately. Ive been wondering if this is once
again unreqited or romantic love, but back in high school at the assembly's
that they had. I would search tirelessly throught all the faces in the crowd
for her. If i was in the bleachers sitting id look down and search for her
face after that id look at her for a moment.

it was just like how this short guy in this music video looks at the lady
that hes been thinking about.


more to come in time

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