when you forget you wrote them..

so im googling myself the other day...i try to see what other shit it has found...

but for ages ive been searching for this song i wrote around 2002-2003 or so...

if anyone has an mp3 of it id love it..

i went out west and wasn't worried
but when i landed back home
i felt so sad
and i felt so mad
that i was home
and only a short time away
from a girl
that i waited 4 years to say

but i dont have that chance anymore
im walking right out the door
to this life that im living
it makes me want to quit it
i dont know what im saying,
its this dumb song im playing
the same 3 chords all the time
but i dont feel this way all the time
im waiting for someone
to share this instant romance
someone who shares interests
and really likes to dance
but im stuck here all alone
no one has called me on the phone
no one knows that i exist
its something that i miss?

and also i have a few old ones i found on cbc radio 3. search darren elliott.. the alone isnt ild or not being found so the other one is...i want to put it on the soundclick site

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