kelly kelly kelly...

back in october on my extended visit to ontario i had the chance to go into
singing sessions. the lady in the store who i had lessons with was also a
singer songwriter. she one told me that i really didnt didnt need lessons
because i was good enough...i even had a really good falsetto.

Its been ages since ive been able to keep in contact with her but lately my
mother picked up her new cd called the darkness and the dawn. it had such
beautiful lyrics melodies and voice..

ive been waiting for a way to keep in contact with her. I got her email and
sent her one and i wasnt sure if she would even rember me but this is what
she said..

"darren, of course i remember you...
you had the unique, dylan vocal. awesome. how are you? how is life in the
west? are you still singing out there? writing music? i hope so. you are
thankyou for being so supportive of my music, i appreciate it...seriously.
it's an interesting cd, as most of the songs, except for like 3 are
OLD...years old...im writing very differently now, and am playing with a
band...so it's just...different, but good...ill try and send you some l inks
to what we are doing now...

thankyou for keeping in touch, that's awesome. talk again soon!

rock on....im like dylan...shes um melotonic ?? at heart..


"if i cant change the world, i can change the world in me"-u2

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