FW: Weird

OK go to this site:
http://www.thesurrealist.co.uk/slogan.cgi (just copy
and paste it into a new window) & enter YOUR name in
the box & hit the Sloganize button. It will give you a
cool slogan as you see below. Add it to the list and
copy & paste this to your friends and the person you
sent it to you. Have fun.


1. Wendy - Time To Make The Wendy............lol< BR>2. Matt - A Matt A Day
Helps You Work Rest & Play
3. Taylor - Chocolate Taylor since 1911
4. Mark - Don't Get Mad, Get
5. Ariane - Ariane is Job 1
6. Dustin - The other white meat. LMAO!!!!
7. Amanda is our middle name!
8. Christina - Australian for beer -that worked out
kinda creepy.... im being
9. Kat - It's that Kat feeling.
10. Fiona - A fiona's too wet without one! ..... lmao!
11. Candace - Would you give someone your last
Candace?- awe, how sweet....
13. Emily - Pure Emily. and thats all i have to say!
14. Megan - "Whatever you're into, get into Megan"
hahaha oh dear...
15. Kara - "Come One, Come All to Kara" lol, i don't
know if I like the sound of that. 16.
Shandi - Four out of Five dentists recommend Shandi! -
w.e that means...
17. NIKOLE-Does She or Doesn't She? Only Her Nikole
Knows for Sure.
18. Wh itney - Happiness is a Cigar called Whitney.
19. Liane - "I want my Liane!"
20. Randi - " Things Go Better with Randi" haha, I
love it
21. Andrew:Feel The Raw Naked Andrew Of The Road.
22. Daniela: Come Fly The Friendly Daniela
23. Bronwyn: "Gives a meal Bronwyn-appeal" Mmmmmmm
24. Jeanine " Jeanine Is
Good For You" - LMAO... oh
25. Jenny : "Jenny. It's what's for dinner"-- omg! lol
26. Jillian: "Drink a Pinta Jillian A Day"
27. Dave: �Mama�s Got The Magic Of Dave
28. Michelle: "Fill it to the rim with Michelle" ----I love it!!

29. Alana: "I feel like Alana tonight" - yeah, baby!
30. Candice: "Just Do Candice." --how do ya like that?
31. Ryan- "Live in Your Ryan,Play in Ours."
32.Keely: "I am Stuck on Keely, 'Cause Keely's Stuck on Me." Awwww
isn't that special
33. jeremy: got jeremy?
34. Lindsay: "Wouldn't you rather be Lindsay?"
35. Bonnie: "Four out of Five Dentists Recommend Bonnie"
36. Ashle y: "Gonna be a while? Grab an Ashley" - lmao
7. Heather: "double the pleasure, double the heather"
�38. Jennifer: "Life should taste as good as Jennifer"
39. Barbara:� 8 out of 10 owners who expressed a preference said their cats
preferred Barbara
40. There is no wrong way to eat a Stacey! OH MY GOD
41.Gonna be a while? Grab a Brandy.
42.Just do Mary-Lynn
43.If only everything was as reliable as an Irwin!
44. BEHOLD the POWER of Claudia !!!!!!!!
45. Please don't squeeze the Kate
46. Everything we do is driven by Marnie
47. Krista tested, mother approved.
48. I think, therefore Shannon.
49. Welcome to Marshall Country
50.The Darren that Smiles Back

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